The superpower of Homo sapiens for optimal performance
over a long and healthy life in a world that’s lost its mind

Homo sapiens has become its own worst enemy in the 21st century:
 in the age of technosocial coevolution, technology is shaping our lives, development, performance and health,
more than ever before in the history of humanity.

The digital illusion is booming – it is all about ‘window dressing’.
We are caught up in a world of instant gratification, one-size-fits-for-all solutions,
hedonism, digital narcissism, globalism, foreverism
and all the ‘isms’ are ever present,
everywhere and everywhen.

We are endlessly, relentlessly and ruthlsessly chasing dopamin,
a molecule of which there is always more,
and for Homo sapiens, more is never enough. 

It’s time to break out of this state,
which does anything and everything but make sense,
and find the meaning of Homo sapiens:

are you ready to become Super sapiens?

Do you want to achieve your optimal performance and lifestyle?

Feeling mentally and physically healthier than ever before?

Is it important for you to perform well
in the long term?

Do you want to live a longer, healthier, happier and more meaningful life, but don't know where to start?

Do you want to do better in your studies, your job (or your business), your sporting career or in your personal life?

If you feel that everything has sped up and it's hard to keep up,
and if you feel that the world has lost its mind,
than Super sapiens is for you,

it's not that the world has gone crazy - we have.

you don‘t have to win the game of life - you can‘t.
it's a non-zero-sum infinite game.

you just have to play it for as long as possible.

Over tens of thousands of years of evolution and adaptation, Homo sapiens has evolved into a hyper-anxious species capable of suffering more in their imagination from dreamed-up future scenarios, dangers and losses
– which will not happen most of the time.

Thanks to the Super sapiens mindset, we can recognise this evolutionary legacy of our genetic programme and our brain, and use our superpower to escape our fears, anxieties and our biology’s bondages.
That is making our biology to work for us, and not against us.

In the Super sapiens mindset, life is not always dramatic and tragic,
but most of the time it is magic.
For a Super sapiens, health is more than the absence of disease,
and optimal performance is the reality of everyday.

Welcome to the infinite game of Super sapiens,
the game of lifelong health and optimal performance!

Now is your chance to learn the practical knowledge, tools and methodologies
to break free from our evolutionary bondage!

are you ready to make sense,
and to transform from homo sapiens
into super sapiens?

Having beaten cancer

and faced all the traumas and all the pains, I value days, hours, minutes and moments more than anything else.

as a biomedical engineer

I've collected all the knowledge you ever need to start your journey towards your own 'longevity-project': through the story of Super sapiens, you will learn what the superpower is with which you can optimize your lifestyle, maximize your mental and physical performance at work, in your studies or in sports, and most importantly, how to live a long, healthy and meaningful life in a world that's lost its mind.

the knowledge of supersapiens

will help you (and all our health-conscious fellow human beings) even if your primary goal in your current life situation is not to achieve optimal performance, but to maintain or regain your health.

My experience as a patient, the practical knowledge presented in Super sapiens can save you a considerable amount of time and money, as well as the cost of treatments that were not needed in the end, because you prevented the disease or proactively regained your health.

using biosensors, biohacking and longevity solutions

I encourage you to use the technological advances and knowledge of the modern age to
optimise your life and health - and don't waste your time!

For me, the diagnosis of cancer was a wake-up call to the obvious - but for many, invisible and unnoticed - fact that
every life is unique and unrepeatable.

Every minute counts, because our time is finite - moreover, the clock is unstoppably and relentlessly ticking.

It is entirely up to you what you make of your time and life.

“We are all responsible for our health, for our fellow human beings, for a full and meaningful life and for whether we continue to keep our focus in the darkness of ignorance, wasting our most precious resources: our time, attention and energies.

Or instead, consciously acting in the timeless eternal moment, in the forever present, in the total awareness of our fundamental human experience – which is available everywhere and everywhen.

Do we act for the present of Homo sapiens and for the future of ourselves – for the Super sapiens?”

homo sapiens has come a long way from

setting fire to creating a fusion reactor,
caves to 3D-printed houses,
cave paintings to the use of artificial intelligence,
mammoth hunting to personalised nutrition,
Stone Age technology to nanotechnology,
Copper Age to space age,
the invention of agriculture to genetically modified crops,
discovering america to the idea of colonising Mars,
barter to cryptocurrencies,
the invention of the wheel to self-driving cars,
smoke signals to transatlantic optic cables to 5G networks,
Morse code to zettabytes of data,
the discovery of bacteria to CRISPR gene editing technology,
understanding the universe to the birth of the Metaverse

and from the age of Homo sapiens to the age of Super sapiens.

I'm eager to get to know our 'superpower',

share with your friends

the highly unlikely story of the book ‘Believe, Live, Run’,
or the knowledge base of my second book, Super sapiens!


Help them, too,
to achieve their optimal performance,
perfect their lifestyle
and to reach a long and healthy life
in a world that’s lost its mind.

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