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I was raised in a tiny village in Hungary, in the middle of “nowhere”, then completed my secondary school studies in a small city, where I was specialised in Mathematics and Physics.

I have always been interested in how the world really works and even about more scientific or philosophical questions like:

  • How did the universe begin?
  • How does our body, mind and biology work?
  • Why we are the way we are?
  • Where do we humans come from?
  • Where are we heading?
  • What on Earth is going on in this infinite game called Life?

My forever curious mind  led me to Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) – one of the best universities in Hungary.

I had just started my university studies, when I was diagnosed with cancer.

On my way from a ‘village peasant’ to an engineer (often having found myself in hopeless situations), I graduated in 2018 as an electrical engineer.

For years I was working on the development of reprogrammable logic circuits, but my illness and my endless curiousity drived me to combine my professional knowledge with my personal involvement and healthcare: continuing my studies, I obtained a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at the joint university program of BME and Semmelweis University.

In the meanwhile, I started working on a prototype of a medical device which is a digital patient-solution based on my own idea.

My development of the sensory smart glove (which is currently undergoing clinical trials) has won several innovation awards, ranging from the Innovation Award of the Hungarian National Bank and the National Scientific Student Conference to the NOKIA Young Researcher Award.

In 2020, alongside my full-time job as a biomedical engineer, I wrote my autobiography and science communication book about my cancer battles, with the title of ‘Believe, Live, Run – A story about having faith‘.

From the income of the book, my athlete friend Donat Gyenes and Olympic marathon runner Gáspár Csere and I founded the ‘Run, Believe, Live Foundation’, that has been helping our fellow human beings on the road to recovery from illness, let it be cancer or any other health problem. We help where we can.

We are forever promoting longevity, a long, healthy and meaningful life.

I presented my story and our work
on the TEDx stage in Budapest in 2021.

Following the publication of my book Believe, Live, Run I have also been conducting my scientific research at the Flow Research Centre of Hungary since 2021: I am researching Mihály Csíkszentmihályi’s legacy, the flow experience, from a biomedical engineering perspective using biosensors and exponential technologies. 

I have also been involved in teaching at the Hungarian Leadership Academy as a lecturer: I have given science and practice-oriented lectures on human physical and mental optimal performance and on longevity-technology.

Continuing my teaching activities, in 2022 I was a lecturer in science communication and mental health at Semmelweis University.

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In addition to my professional, writing and performing activities, I am a competitive long-distance runner for  a Hungarian athletic association in Budapest.

I currently work as a biomedical engineer and a human adaptation advisor.

Besides, I’m a PhD researcher in longevity-technology at a PhD programme conducted by a world-wide-known futurist in this field, Dr. Bertalan Meskó, The Medical Futurist.

In addition,
I’m interantionally presenting my new book Super sapiens.

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and to reach a long and healthy life
in a world that’s lost its mind.

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