believe, live, run

a story about having faith

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A STORY ABOUT having faith

I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 21,
My only choice was to face with death.

In my story I introduce how I've become from a “village peasant” into an engineer, and what extreme difficulties I had to challenge during my way towards fulfilling childhood dreams. Long-distance running also played a major role in my complete recovery, therefore, in this regards, but regardless sport, I introduce that knowledge and life aspect being useful for everyone, which helps us to taste the joy of life even in the most desperate moments.

The joy of movement meant life itself for me. I did not know how long I would have the opportunity, so I was running every kilometer so as it was the last one. I always hassled the feeling, which solves all of my problems: when everything ceases around me: the past, the present and the future becomes a unity.

After all of these, I try to pursue long-distance running so, that no one shall have any doubt whether I do my best.

Not only into running, but into life as well.

the book is available at amazon:

"He represents the truth with oiliness and passion, claiming that life is the biggest gift. Now he reveals his gratitude in the form of a book, also exemplarily encouraging us for activity and struggle"
Gáspár Csere
Olympic marathon runner
“You are the example on that we should not accept less than we are able to! In particular if the opportunity of failure is also there, just like victory. Because it is always us who decide the competition between the two.”
Gábor Rakonczay
World recorder, extreme athlete
“A real story, miracle about human will, outreaching our mind. In the book he shows that we can be able to achieve everything even in the most complicated moments."
Tamás Bódis
"I recommend the book for all such readers, who would like to learn an inspiring, not everyday life story, and after that we may also look at our life otherwise.”
szabolcs bozsányi, md
research medical expert, expert proofreader

the book is available at amazon:

“The book aims to present a personal aspect on one of the most insane disease, malign tumour and sufferings experienced during the healing therapy. In the fire of suffering, a new personality, new life goal was forged. There are not many bigger gifts than learning from the experiences of others, and this book introduces many such experiences, which may set an example for all of us. Without suffering, on the sofa.”

Péter Turai, md
research specialist of the Semmelweis University

"Only the bravest are able to make the lives of other people easier inspired by their own personal tragedies, turning towards new and noble targets, making the lives of other people easier. This book will be really helpful for others, both for ill and healthy persons in this sick world."

Orsolya Kiss, md
assistant professor, sport cardiologist
Semmelweis University

"Honest, motivating, professionally perfectly correct."

Klára Psenyeczky-Nagy
President of the Regionális Egészségért Alapítvány (For Regional Health Foundation – REGEA)


the book is available at amazon: