smart glove

'no more cold fingers'

ai driven heated gloves with biosensors for predicting and preventing raynaud's phenomenon

combining my biomedical engineering skills
with medical science and personal involment in raynaud's disease,
i aim to develop

a wearable medical device for the monitoring and prevention of a peripheral circulatory disorder called Raynaud's phenomenon.
In Raynaud's disease pheripheral veins narrow (a condition known as vasospasm), thus limiting blood flow to affected areas, such as the fingers or toes. This phenomenon can lead to the affected parts turning white and then blue due to the reduced blood flow, followed by flushing red as blood returns. The condition primarily affects extremities.

The short-term and long-term effects of Raynaud's disease

Besides local pain, numbness and tingling,
Raynaud's disease can lead to skin thickening and ulcers on the fingertips, which can be painful and slow to heal. Open sores or ulcers may become infected, potentially leading to more serious complications. In severe and rare instances, prolonged lack of blood flow can lead to tissue death (necrosis), possibly requiring surgical intervention.

my proposed solution:
ai driven heated gloves with biosensors

The development I've pioneered is a sophisticated glove, endowed with sensors and AI driven heating - it utilizes a machine-learning algorithm to anticipate and avert pathological vasoconstriction in the fingers by adjusting its temperature based on real-time physiological data, thereby safeguarding against both short-term and long-term complications.

AI driven, personalised and automatic temperature control of the glove

prevents the occurrence of Raynaud's phenomenon, preventing the onset of an oxygen-deprived, peripheral vasoconstriction condition. The heating can be controlled manually, even from a smartphone.

by utilizing machine learning algorithms
and data sience methods

it is possible to search for correlations between the measured data, thus gaining a more accurate picture of the prevalence, incidence and severity of Raynaud's disease.

are you affected by raynaud's disease?
interested in medical device development?
would you like to get involved in the development?

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