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brain bar | Europe's biggest festival on the future

where the young audience meets foreign scientists, politicians and businessmen to discuss the burning questions of the 21st century. Interactive as it is, the event has no match worldwide.

It was an ope discussion with hundreds of people in the audience about the highly unlikely story of my book ‘Believe, Live, Run’, and my latest release titled ‘Super sapiens’.

Budapest, Hungary | Longevity meetup

In March 2023, I was invited by Adam Marky, MD, the founder of the Hungarian company, Longevity Project, to give a presentation at a multinational company. Although I am a rather introverted personality type, I really like to go to events where I feel I am in the right place, in a good community, surrounded by excellent speakers and people with whom we can learn from and inspire each other by sharing our stories, experiences and knowledge.

Half an hour before the event started, the auditorium was already filled with dozens of people. From doctors, engineers, lawyers, economists to middle and senior managers, there was a wide range of people in attendance.

The diversity and openness of the audience made it one of my favourite presentations so far, and the discussion afterwards was also a success: looking around I met interested looks and my listeners were eager to interact. They were also not surprised by the title of the lecture: ‘From Homo sapiens to Super sapiens. Instead, they waited with great interest for my talk.

semmelweis university | science communication seminar

In 2023, one of the most prestigious Hungarian medical universities, Semmelweis University has launched a unique and novel course entitled ‘Health and Science Commuanication’ to enable future doctors, pharmacists, health professionals and researchers to master the credible, evidence-based and understandable communication of scientific facts and researches.”

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tedx_thuroczy_bertalan_budapest_2021TEDx Budapest, 2021, Bertalan Thuroczy

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Over the years, I have received many requests to present the story of my books, biomedical engineering research findings and campaigns on sport and health, which I have gladly accepted.