come with me

on my journey about
cheating death,
forever chasing flow
and relentlessly believing
in the highly unlikely

 At the age of 21, I was diagnosed with cancer
and had no other choice but to face with death.

The joy of running meant life for me.
I didn’t know how long I’d have the chance, so I ran each and every kilometer as if it were my last one. In the meanwhile,
I lived every day of my life as it were my last one.

By running, I kept chasing the feeling that would ‘solve’ all my problems: when everything around me disappeared and the past, the present and the future became one.

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Why join me on this highly unlikely journey?
anyway - who am i?

I’m a biomedical engineer, an avid reader and endlessly curious researcher, an obsessed runner, an introverted speaker and a cancer survivor.

I’m forever taking action to ensure primary prevention and I’m a fanatic of human health, a ‘wanna-be doctor’, and truly, want to live up to 120. I’m timelessly cultivating an attitude of gratitude, enchancing the human experience, hacking consciousness, actively cocreating and bending reality, heading for the 22th Century.

I’m endlessly chasing flow, the truth, the radical, the strange and the unknown.

After cheating death, I’m always making tragic indistinguishable from magic and constantly coming alive instead of just staying alive. I’m turning science fiction into science fact and making the impossible probable. I am seldom the one for whom the word is enough, I am the one who wants everything all at once. I’m persistently seeking truth in myth and reality, endlessly curious about the future of humanity.

I use a nonconformist ‘out-of-the-box’ approach through the lens of a biomedical engineer, who has survived cancer, lost his broter and truly want to live forever. I link disciplines and research results that are far apart – some of them may seem extremely mind-blowing at first sight. It is a profoundly diverse territory with remarkably radical and disruptive novelty.

Are you ready for this journey?

After cheating death I'm forever making tragic
indistinguishable from magic.

I’m playing the infinite game of Life,
raging against entropy,
seeking novelty,
endlessly believing in the highly unlikely.

book recommendations

“My friend, you are the example on that we should not accept less than we are able to!
In particular if the opportunity of failure is also there, just like victory.
Because it is always us who decide the competition between the two.”
Gábor Rakonczay
World recorder, extreme athlete
"He went through life-changing crises, however, extraordinary exhilaration and love of life can be found in him. He represents the truth with oiliness and passion, claiming that life is the biggest gift. Now he reveals his gratitude in the form of a book, also exemplarily encouraging us for activity and struggle.
As a runner and believer, I recommend this special book for everyone who are seeknig their journey in life."
gáspár csere
Olympic marathon runner
"A real story, a miracle about human will,
outreaching our mind!
In his story the power of beliefe in life is absolutely highlighted, and that we can be able to achieve everything and anything even in the most hopeless periods in our lifes.
I recommend the book for everyone, but mostly for those who would like to get power for running, health and life!"
Tamás Bódis
"In this journey - in the fire of suffering - a new personality and a new life goal was forged.
Learning from the experiences of others is a gift,
and this book introduces many such experiences, which may set an example for all of us."
Péter Turai, MD, phd
researcher, medical proofreader

Having beaten cancer, lost my brother, faced all the childhood and transgenerational traumas – all the pains, all the time, everything, all at once -, I value days, hours, minutes and moments more than anything else.

Optimistically (and luckily), we might live up to 100 years,
which is 5200 weeks, which is 3 billion heartbeats.

Life is not necessarily short, we just waste a lot of it. In our daily lives, we hardly think about the fact that time is one of our most precious resources: it is limited and we are running out of it at an incredibly fast pace.

It’s up to you what you make of the time that has been gifted to you in this life.

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"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read this extraordinary book about a wonderful man who dares to believe and trust in the face of his greatest adversity. This is a book you cannot put down. It is a wonderful book. As a mother with three children and four grandchildren, it has reinforced my belief in health, in people and in life itself."
"It was simply brilliant! Your story is extremely meaningful, and it has given me extra strength for life. I think the book itself is very well constructed, very authentic and touching at the same time. While reading it, I too "died" between the lines in places, only to be "reborn". Your endless love, your amazing willpower and perseverance are an example for all human beings. Thank you for allowing me to learn from this book! You are a true Champion!"
"Out of the sea of self-help, psychological books, this one stands out for the simple reason that it represents a unique and authentic journey going through hardship in life, fighting like hell - and in the end, overcome anything and everything ."
"You reveal a wealth of experiences and insights about life and the physical and mental dimensions that surround us, which, taken as a whole, illuminate how to live in this world."
"I am glad that in today's world there are young people with such values, for whom friends, sport, learning and faith play an important role in their lives. As a single mum and a hobby runner, I can draw strength from the book and I want my son to be enriched by its positive thoughts as well."
"Every single sentence had value for me. I think everyone can find a little bit of themselves in the book. There have been trials and tribulations in my life, as there are in everyone else's. Thank you for writing this book, it has given me so much strength and every line of it holds great truth!!"

I'm embarking on this highly unlikely journey,

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