believe, live, run foundation

your story, which heals.

Through stories and knowledge sharing, we want to make people think about the importance of health, awareness, mental and physical fitness.

'your life deserves a purpose beyond you'

our vision

to build a community of healthy, recovered and recovering people who can see examples that make them look differently at their own illnesses, struggles and challenges.

our goal

is to set an example for the healthy, and
to embrace and support those struggling with illness on the road to full recovery.

In 2021, we founded Believe, Live, Run Foundation from the income of the book Believe, Live, Run.

The founders are (from left to right in the picture below):

Donát Gyenes, elite athlete and communication specialist,
Gáspár Csere, Olympic marathon runner,
Bertalan Thuróczy, biomedical engineer, author, runner and cancer survivor.

berlin half-marathon, 2023
gyenes donat (67′), gaspar csere (63′), bertalan thuroczy (75′)

Our activities since foundation.

In 2021, at the book launch of Believe, Live, Run in cooperation with Decathlon Hungary, the income of the books were donated to the recovery of Zsuzsanna Sallai, a Hungarian ultra-runner and cancer survivor.

In 2022, on the occasion of World Cancer Day, we launched a nationwide fundraising campaign together with Decathlon Hungary, where we added up the kilometres uploaded by runners on Facebook with the hashtag #futnihinnielni, and with the donation of Decathlon, each km was worth 10 HUF, so we collected a total of 100,000 HUF.

On behalf of the Foundation, we have given presentations at the Institute of Behavioural Sciences of Semmelweis University and at health and sports days of national and international companies on topics related to our activities and profile: sport, health, prevention.

In accordance with the Foundation's certificate, scope of activities and objectives, we supported the payment of entry fees for running races in order to participate in national running races.

Charitable activity for the Hungarian Bátor Tábor Foundation, courtesy of co-founder Donát Gyenes' #milesforsmiles campaign:

Gyenes Donát | #milesforsmiles | bátor tábor Charity Campaign | 2024

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