smart glove

raynaud-syndrome and the solution:

sensory heated gloves:

The device is a heated glove enhanced by sensors. The measured parameters are blood oxygen saturation, pulse, temperature of the skin and the environment, activity and stress-level. These parameters show correlation in certain autoimmune diseases, such as in the case of Raynaud’s disease.

Raynaud's disease is a peripheral circulation anomaly in which capillaries contracts so excessively that blood flow is blocked in these areas, thus causing low oxygen level. If this state lasts too long, cell damage can occur as a consequence. The wearable device can prevent this by using the sensor information and with the help of the heating wires sawn inside. Raynaud’s phenomenon is not only temperature dependent, but also based on stress-level. Thereby, we can find interrelation in the measured physiological parameters. These show how frequently and heavily is the phenomenon present and what are the circumstances that trigger it. In order to predict these values, I use a probability theory based algorithm which learns from the measured sensor data.

in my book I also share details about this medical device development: