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“It was late 2019, when I first heard of a biomedical engineering student, working on a glove with sensors for his thesis, winning multiple university competitions. I was even hinted that his life is a remarkable story of intrinsic motivation, so I decided to invite him for an interview.”
– Zoltan Palyi

author introduction

Bertalan Thuróczy was raised up in a small village in Hungary. On his way sometimes spiced with desperate situations, finally he graduated in 2018 at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) as an engineer. His disease and commitment inspired him to interconnect his engineer job with his personal contact and also the healthcare: by going on with his studies, he obtained master degree at the joint biomedical engineer programme of the BME and Semmelweis University. He is currently pursuing long-distance running at a competition level as an athlete of BEAC Atlétika 1898.

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i. part: my story

„My body is not functioning anymore as I would like to. My limbs no longer move so as I want. My heart rate peaks. I am tired and exhausted. My circulation is no longer the best either.  I have cramps everywhere, my legs are sore. I can hardly move with normal body position. I am exhausted not only physically, but mentally too. I start to lose control mentally, I start to lose in mind. I would prefer to stop and give up. Despite of it, a voice in my ears whispers: “Do not give up! Keep coming! Only one more step! Just one more step!˝

From logging to biomedical engineering

My story began as a child, in a simple family, however with big dreams, from a small village. My childhood dream came true when I was accepted to the BME, Faculty of Electric Engineering, but life got into my way. In the first part of the book, I share the struggles and lessons of these 25 years. When passing over the stories, I sook to keep my rational sense, and always rely on scientific, proven facts regarding the disease.

And where science stops, we can not refer to anything else, it is only our belief on which we can rely on.

why me?

But let’s turn it upside down: why not You? Why not You, if You are already struggling so hard, looking for the meaning of life, the joy of fulfilment? Why not You, if You would like to push your limits at all costs, whether You find your real goal in something? Why not You, if You consider it so obvious, that You are healthy?

bet with death, and the sentence

I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 21. During the first weeks of chemotherapy, my hair started to fall out, so I asked for a clear cut at the closest hairdresser.

‒ Betting? – asked the hairdresser.


‒ Yes – I replied. ‒ I bet with Death, and it was Him who won the battle – I continued slightly cynically, with halfway smiling. But it is me who will win the war! 

life after the disease

The disease seemed like a curse in one moment, although it is actually a blessing: after my recovery, this complication provided me one of the goals of my life. I try to see the ‘positive factors’ in this disease too:  this is only a problem of engineering, which must be solved. And what is the resolution? An own idea, that I can help others just like myself.

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II. part: on running, not just for runners

Running plays a central role in my story: it was a determining factor along my road to recovery. The sport is at once a tool that I can talk about and thereby pass on to others what I believe about sickness, healing, and health. Running played a great role in letting me come out on the other side of all that has happened. Because running is an activity that allows you to “die and be resurrected” every day.

life after the disease

After processing several scientific articles, I got a picture about what is going on in our body when action completely grabs us, and we often do it only for the joy of self-rewarding. But why do we become ill, and what does health actually mean? How can we understand the interconnection between body and soul? How moving (most likely running) and our belief in recovery help us in the actual recovery process?

I attempt to pass over all of these knowledges as a medical biologic engineer to the Reader as clearly as possible.


Posteriorly I am also searching for the answer, why running was so important for me before my disease. Meanwhile I did not sense time, speed and distance. I was only in the actual moment. This way, even only for a short period, I got rid of the conscience of disease.

Although only a few know that everyone is born to run, only civilization and the modern ages deviated us from our way. Our ancestors were all “long-term runners” and “endurance athletes”, with the only difference that they were not called so these times. In this part, I confirm the fact that all of us were born to run using scientific explanations.


I examine the matter of belief based on my own experiences, and I try to approach this very complex and diverse topic in a scientific manner too: we can believe in ourselves, the Fate, God, anything that is compatible with our inscape. Whatever we call it, both on our way towards recovery and in our life, we need immense belief.  

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